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26 August 2019

Water, health, antibiotic resistance: Probing one-health and rights-based approaches

This event is part of the World Water Week 2019

Photo: Andrew Smith (EyeEm) / GettyImages.

The lack of safe drinking water and sanitation threatens the health and increases the dependency on antibiotics. Simultaneously, pollution from drug manufacturing, inappropriate use of antibiotics in veterinary and human medicine and non-medical use promote antibiotic resistance. Can One-Health and Rights-based approaches provide holistic solutions?

This session will highlight the interconnectedness of antimicrobial resistance (AMR), Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) and health and will explore the potential of One Health and human rights-based approaches to provide solutions.

The inappropriate usage of antibiotics for humans and animals and the pollution from the industry highlight the three pillars (humans, animals, environment) of the One-Health approach. Keeping the antibiotics in only the necessary cases and reducing dependency, requires improved access to quality medical care as well as to clean water and safe sanitation. This requires stewardship and a truly multi-stakeholder effort because neither of the different actors can solve the problem alone. Understanding this challenge from a rights-holder and duty-bearer perspective can help develop solutions that target the most vulnerable global poor.

Keynotes will present findings from the coming UN Inter-Agency Coordination Group (IACG) report on AMR and highlight the relationship between the conceptual frameworks like WASH, AMR, Human Rights and One Health. The topics will then be discussed in expert-led breakout groups:

  • Environmental health: One Health’s blind spot?
  • Human health: access to medicine
  • Human health: WASH
  • Animal health and non-medical use of antibiotics
  • Human rights dimensions
  • Regulation and the dual role of the industry as polluter and provider


16:00 Welcome 
Nicolai Schaaf, SIWI

16:05 Water and AMR: Key challenges and recommendations 
Sunita Narain, CSE and 
Maria Neira, WHO 

16:25 Breakout sessions

• Understanding One Health and Human Rights Based Approaches to AMR, and the role of the pharmaceutical industry (tbc)
• Environmental Health: One Health’s blind spot?  Sunita Narain, CSE  
• Improving access to medicine and other health technologies, Tenu Avafia, UNDP 
• WASH and AMR: the role of prevention, Maria Neira, WHO 
• Animal health and the use of antibiotics, Ulf Magnusson, SLU 
• Human Rights dimensions of AMR, Jenny Grönwall, SIWI 
• The dual role of the industry as polluter and provider, Damiano de Felice, Access to Medicine Foundation (tbc)  

17:10 Innovative wastewater treatment: Students from the Biotic Blue Project, iGem Stockholm

17:15 Conclusions and reporting back

17:30 End of session


Från 26 augusti 2019 vid 16:00 till 26 augusti 2019 vid 17:30


Tele2 Arena
Arenaslingan 14,
World Water Week 2019
Room: L 11