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20 September 2018

Terra Madre Salone del Gusto 2018

Terra Madre Salone del Gusto 2018 is a meeting place for thousands of small-scale producers from across the globe and for hundreds of thousands of visitors, serving as a showcase for the extraordinary gastronomic diversity of every continent.

Photo: Randy Fath/Unsplash.

This year the Terra Madre events will offer a range of taste workshops, dinner dates, conferences and forums with producers from the food communities and presidia, chefs, activists and experts — who will be discussing issues linked to agriculture, diet, sustainability, biodiversity and production models.

Slow Food has developed new guidelines for Terra Madre Salone del Gusto 2018 that will define the requirements for participation in the event when selecting exhibitors:

• For the defense of biodiversity, the promotion of eco-friendly agroecological practices, the protection of soil fertility, the protection of the landscape, respect for animal welfare, the defense of raw milk and the promotion of sustainable fishing practices;

• For an increasingly reduced use (and hopefully eventual elimination) of synthetic chemicals in agriculture (fertilizers and pesticides); GMOs; the use of artificial additives, preservatives and colorings; food waste and the excessive use of packaging and disposable, single-use containers.

Taste workshops
The workshops will offer a way of learning while tasting (and smelling, touching, hearing and seeing), stimulating the senses while delving into topical issues and fascinating products and hearing stories directly from the producers.

Dinner dates
If food can be a force for change, then chefs are among the greatest agents of that change. With their work, they act as ambassadors for the quality of ingredients, for cultures, for the discovery or rediscovery of products, producers and places and often also for more responsibility towards the planet on which we live. The first dinner dates in the program will offer an all-European journey from the historic kitchens of Del Cambio to those of Eataly.

The forums
As well as the “classic” forums, open to large numbers of participants and based on topics like climate change, agroecology, GMOs, food waste and much more, the innovation in 2018 will be the thematic forums. Their “streamlined” formula is intended for a smaller number of people, and they are designed to keep the focus on certain specific issues, which will be explored in an in-depth, multi-faceted way. Themes will be: Slow meat, Slow Fish, Seeds, Bees and insects & Food and health.

A series of conferences will be organized, the official conference program will be published later this month, but here you can find the confirmed delegates so far.

Tickets for Terra Madre 2018 will be available until September 16th and can be found here.


Från 20 september 2018 vid 10:00 till 24 september 2018 vid 19:00


The event will take place in many different locations throughout the city. For individual events and specific activities, times and locations will be highlighted in the official program.

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