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4 June 2021

Food Systems: Harnessing nutrition co-benefits of climate resilient agriculture

Photo: StateofIsrael / flickr.

Climate change, food systems and food and nutrition security are strongly interlinked. The food we eat and how we produce it will determine the health of people and the planet. Extreme weather and climate events have increased in frequency, intensity and severity.

Climate change has an impact on livelihoods and food choices, undermining current efforts to reduce hunger and promote nutrition. We know that major changes must be made to food systems to increase access to affordable, healthy diets for everyone.

Join us, with panellists from academia, research, governments, civil society and development agencies, to discuss the climate-nutrition nexus, including:

  • The body of evidence showing the interlinkages between climate and nutrition and the existing research gap.
  • The potential solutions, that optimise synergies between climate change and nutrition and minimise trade-offs.
  • The policy and programmatic approaches adopted by governments and development partners to address present and future challenges.

Learn about reference materials on the benefits of investing in climate-smart and nutrition-sensitive integrated approaches.


Från 4 juni 2021 vid 13:30 till 4 juni 2021 vid 15:00