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25 September 2019

Does sustainably farmed fish exist – and if so, can you label it?

Welcome to a lunch seminar and discussion about fish farming and sustainability certifications.

Photo: PublicDomainPictures/ Pixabay

Photo: PublicDomainPictures/ Pixabay

Aquaculture is among the fastest-growing food industries in the world and has an important role to play in feeding the increasing human population. Around 50 percent of all fish consumed globally is farmed. Sweden has its own production, but the vast majority of the fish we eat is imported. Regardless of whether the fish is farmed in Sweden or elsewhere, the production should be sustainable and environmentally friendly. For consumers, it might be difficult to know what kind of farmed fish to buy to make a sustainable choice and to know what the different sustainability labels mean.

Welcome to a lunch seminar and discussion about fish farming and sustainability certifications. Meet and listen to both SLU aquaculture researchers and representatives from KRAV, WWF, ASC, and Svenskt Sigill.

The aim of the seminar is to:

  • increase the knowledge about which fish farming practices and systems that are used in Sweden today and which to come in the near future
  • increase the knowledge about certifications and labels for environmentally friendly and sustainably farmed fish that can be found on fish products in Swedish food stores
  • create a dialogue between researchers, the food industry and certification organisations/NGOs

Target group: All employees and students at SLU as well as interested consumers and business representatives outside SLU are most welcome!


11:30 A light lunch is served for registered participants
12:00 Lunch seminar

  • Introduction by moderator
  • Fish farming in Sweden: current status and future prospects,
  • Markus Langeland, SLU
  • Short presentations and panel discussion with Anita Falkenek, KRAV; Inger Melander, ASC; Maja Forssell, Svenskt Sigill; Karin Glaumann, WWF

13:00 Short break
13:05 Follow-up discussion
15:00 End

NOTE! Register before 25 September, link below. (Registration is only mandatory if you want lunch or attend the follow-up discussion.)

Watch the seminar online!


Från 25 september 2019 vid 11:30 till 25 september 2019 vid 15:00


Lennart Kennes sal, Biocentrum,

Hosted by

SLU ekologisk produktion och konsumtion (Epok)


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