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Landscape management
14 November 2013
Water, Forests and Footprints – Finding the Right Scale for Sustainability

In his presentation Kevin Bishop tried to unfold how forests impact water partitioning at different scales. At a local catchment scale, a removal of forests usually increases the total flow,...

Climate change and resource conflict
Landscape management
14 November 2013
Computational Approaches to Address Water Resource Challenges and Agricultural Development – Examples from Africa, India and Europe

Jafet Anderson used SWAT modeling, Soil and Water Assesment Tool, to show how water and nutrient interventions might impact crop yields in South Africa and the Tukela River basin. The primary...

Landscape management
Trade and production
News Story
18 April 2013
Perspectives on agroforestry as a model for sustainable intensification of agriculture

Click here to read the interview by Marie Persson at FRCN with three experts on the topic of agroforestry: Roger Leakey, André Gonçalves and Ben Phalan.