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Climate change and resource conflict
Trade and production
25 October 2016
The UN Sustainable Development Goals – A guided tour in the context of food, agriculture, and livestock

This presentation was held by Alan AtKisson at the interntional seminar 'Livestock Resources for Food Security in the Light of Climate Change' co-hosted by SIANI and SLU Global in Uppsala on the...

Gender and equality
News Story
4 May 2016
5 steps on the way to a career in international development

SIANI Youth held its first event in the Student Union of the University of Agricultural Sciences in Ultuna Campus in Uppsala. The purpose of the event was to create a space for sharing experience about how to start a career in international development.

Trade and production
Food Waste Prevention Strategies for Global Food Chains
News Story
31 March 2016
How can we reduce global food waste?

SIANI (Swedish International Agricultural Network Initiative) is currently looking to gather expertise for further development of knowledge and cooperation strategies in order to increase food security and resource efficiency through food waste reduction in global food chains, with a particular focus on collaboration between developing and developed countries.

Sustainable Agricultural Production and Food Security
News Story
7 March 2016
Report from the SIANI – SLU Global Capacity Development Workshop

A joint SIANI-SLU Global workshop took place on March 3, 2016 at SEI, Stockholm. The workshop aimed at discussing the impact of the Swedish involvement in capacity building as well as lessons learned. The workshop had the participation of international researchers, PhD and master students, members of the Swedish government, universities, consulting agencies and the SIANI network.

Trade and production
News Story
19 February 2016
All those wasted smoothies: SEI Tallinn puts numbers on Estonian food waste

Surveys for Estonia’s national food waste assessment reveal that the country throws away a total of 92,000 tons of food annually, worth close to €100 million.

Landscape management
Blog Post
15 January 2016
Landscape restoration, a bankable promise?

Can landscape restoration projects generate the promised value and money or is it yet another aspirational concept unable to deliver?

Sustainable Agricultural Production and Food Security
25 November 2015
Agroforestry steps to sustainable development: from the science of discovery to delivery

Presented by Margaret Kroma – Assistant Director General. Partnerships and Impact – ICRAF, at Agri4D 2015

Landscape management
News Story
17 June 2015
Fostering sustainability in frontier regions: 6 propositions

Frontier landscapes present some of the greatest challenges to sustainable development, but also great opportunities. These are geographically remote, scarcely populated areas that are being transformed rapidly by agricultural expansion and associated socioeconomic changes.

Rural transformation
28 October 2014
Agricultural Development for Poverty Reduction and Sustainable Development

The Church of Sweden is a well-known and experienced Swedish actor in the area of development cooperation. The organization’s position paper on agricultural development for poverty reduction and...

Landscape management
Forests, Landscapes and Food Security
10 June 2014
Workshop on Forest Conservation, Agroforestry and Livelihoods

Providing sufficient food for a growing world population and achieving a more sustainable development is one of today’s global challenges. The increasing demand for new agricultural land and...