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Health and nutrition
Landscape management
Wild Foods, Biodiversity and Livelihoods
News Story
11 May 2020
Making forest wonders work for nutrition, biodiversity and livelihoods

Our new Expert Group consolidates the knowledge about wild foods in Asia and links it with relevant policy arenas on food security, poverty reduction and sustainable forest management.

Climate change and resource conflict
Health and nutrition
Trade and production
News Story
28 November 2019
Why we’re involved in a project in Africa to promote edible insects

The development of edible insects as a food industry has been very slow, despite its many potential benefits. What needs to change?

Landscape management
News Story
10 September 2019
Why indigenous hunting is essential to forest sustainability

Hunting has a bad reputation and is rarely considered in forest governance and conservation strategies. But what if, instead, we tried to learn from it?

Health and nutrition
Landscape management
Blog Post
18 September 2017
Indigenous food: More than taste buds tingling

Promoting traditional food cultures like the Sámi one is not about putting them into some outdoor museum or treating them like mere folklore. It is about learning from creativity, which grew from the need of self-sufficiency and subsistence in a harsh climate, it is about making the best use of the richness of knowledge and ideas for new-old trends, like nose-to-tail cooking or foraging.