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Trade and production
Sustainable Agricultural Production and Food Security
News Story
2 July 2015
SLU signs agreement with the CGIAR programme on Livestock and Fish

SLU has signed a Strategic Partnership Agreement with the CGIAR research programme Livestock and Fish.

Climate change and resource conflict
Health and nutrition
19 May 2015
Global Health, Climate Change and the Environment – a Rights Based Approach

The seminar will provide a platform for three Right Livelihood Award (RLA) Laureates: Frances Moore-Lappé (RLA 1987, USA), Hans Herren (RLA 2013, Switzerland), and Nnimmo Bassey (RLA 2010,...

Health and nutrition
Trade and production
Sustainable Agricultural Production and Food Security
Blog Post
12 March 2015
Animal borne diseases: Double trouble for health and development

Clearly, interactions between livestock and people can pose high public health risks. However, keeping animals for food production is an undeniable part of human reality.

Trade and production
News Story
9 March 2015
SIANI launches a #YouthFocus during the spring of 2015

SIANI strives for diversity of perspectives and broad actor representation in our network.  We are currently working on identifying the ways to involve more youth in the discussion around agricultural development in general and in our network in particular. It was also one of the recommendations that came out of the SIANI Annual Meeting in January 2015.

Climate change and resource conflict
Health and nutrition
Food Security and Energy Access
News Story
8 March 2015
Could energy access hold a key to food security? Our Expert Group urges to recognize the synergies

Energy and food are basic human survival needs. Today three quarters of the people in Sub Saharan Africa (SSA) have no access to adequate, reliable and safe energy sources for cooking and heating, and rely on biomass traditional energy forms such as dung, agricultural residues, wood and charcoal.

Climate change and resource conflict
News Story
27 February 2015
Apply for the NIRAS Young Professionals Academy

NIRAS International Consulting is looking for talented and highly motivated graduates for their Young Professional Academy (NYPA).

16 February 2015
SIANI: the way forward

Presented by Madeleine Fogde at SIANI 2015 Annual Meeting

Climate change and resource conflict
Trade and production
Forests, Landscapes and Food Security
27 January 2015
Can Agroforestry Address Food Security Concerns under a Changing Climate? Panel discussion

The purpose of this workshop is to bring together leading scholar-practitioners from five parts of the world, Sweden, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Kenya and Ecuador, to share knowledge of and aspirations...

Landscape management
News Story
5 December 2014
How to Ensure Sustainability in the “Frontier” Landscapes? SIANI Event at the Global Landscapes Forum COP20

SIANI and EcoAdapt hosted a multi-stakeholder discussion event at the Global Landscapes Forum in Lima.