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Food Systems
Food systems
News Story
2 March 2023
Tackling global food system challenges together

Coalitions of School Meals, Blue Foods, Indigenous Peoples’ Food Systems, and Fighting Food Crises along the Humanitarian, Development and Peace Nexus, present opportunities to some of the most game-changing areas in the food systems.

Health and nutrition
News Story
5 January 2023
An urgent call for multi-sectoral action plans on antimicrobial resistance

SIANI had the pleasure to interview Andrea Caputo Svensson, Global Health Advisor at ReAct - Action on Antibiotic Resistance to understand the complexity and challenges of addressing AMR in aquaculture.

Health and nutrition
News Story
16 July 2021
2021 World Food Prize Winner: Dr. Haraksingh Thilsted

The 2021 World Food prize winner was announced on May 11 as the nutritionist Dr. Shakuntala Haraksingh Thilsted, a native of Trinidad and Tobago and a citizen of Denmark. She works as Global Lead...

Health and nutrition
29 October 2019
Nourishing the World: the Role of Fish

Rohana Subasinghe
, Senior researcher, WorldFish, discussed the importance of aquaculture to solve the hunger in the growing world population.

Landscape management
21 March 2019
Sustainable Aquaculture at local and global scales

Aquaculture is said to be the world’s fastest growing food enterprise. It supplies a growing global population with nutritious food from aquatic animals and plants. However, the production...

Health and nutrition
22 November 2018
Open seminar: Livestock, Aquaculture and Public health in S.E. Asia

Programme 13.15 Welcome and Introduction, Dr. Ulf Magnusson, SLU Global 13.30 Aquaculture and public health hazards in SE Asia, Dr. Anders Dalsgaard, University of Copenhagen 14.00 How...

Gender and equality
Health and nutrition
News Story
20 November 2018
Teach a woman to farm fish – reverse negative malnutrition trends

Can small fish be a solution for malnutrition? NutriFish1000 initiative says "yes".

Climate change and resource conflict
Landscape management
News Story
20 August 2018
Sweden’s and SLU’s new research vessel has been launched!

Svea, Sweden’s and SLU’s new research vessel was recently launched and moored to its berth at Armon Shipyards in Vigo, northwestern Spain. Several months of work alongside the quay remain...

Health and nutrition
News Story
2 February 2018
4 ways nutrition can foster sustainable development

At this year’s Annual Meeting we have followed the nutrition trail to see how better nutrition can unlock sustainability pathways. This post shares the highlights brought by the speakers at our event.

Health and nutrition
Rural transformation
Blog Post
27 September 2017
Aquaculture: Pandering to the elite or a tool for rural development and food security?

can aquaculture be that missing piece of jigsaw in the food security puzzle? And if yes, how does it fit in the new development agenda?