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Climate change and resource conflict
Rural transformation
News Story
20 July 2020
Strengthening the capacity of youth for climate resilience and local economic development in West Africa

A look back at the #YourFutureYourClimate, a 3-year initiative, aimed to empower young people to deal with climate-related water and food challenges.

Rural transformation
17 February 2020
Perspectives from rural youth in Burkina Faso

Hanna Sinare, researcher at Stockholm Resilience Centre, presents her research on rural youth in Burkina Faso at SIANI Annual Meeting 2020.

Rural transformation
1 February 2019
Understanding the connection: mobility, migration and rural development in West Africa

Jesper Bjarnesen, Senior Researcher at NAI, presents at the SIANI Annual Meeting 2019

Trade and production
27 November 2014
The East Africa Forum with special focus on Value Added Food Production in EAC and Exports to Sweden

This year the special business focus area will be Value Added Food Production in EAC and Exports to Sweden. Swedish companies with experiences from added value production will inform you about...