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Rural transformation
Trade and production
News Story
12 October 2020
Our food systems are failing us. How can we turn this around?

Climate-resilient food systems that provide healthy food for all can exist. CGIAR outlines the agenda for action, reminding that food is pivotal to sustainability.

Trade and production
10 February 2016
Bernard Giraud – Private investments for sustainable livelihoods

Why is it so difficult to make agricultural investments sustainable? The Senior Sustainability Advisor, Danone and co-founder of the Livelihoods Fund talks about challenges and opportunities for...

Climate change and resource conflict
Landscape management
15 April 2014
Q&A with Francesco Tubiello on Agriculture & Greenhouse Gas emissions

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) publishes new data on agriculture and greenhouse gas emissions. Francesco Tubiello, FAO Natural Resources Officer explains the implications of the...