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Health and nutrition
Trade and production
Hidden in Grains
News Story
19 April 2021
Pump up the iron: how to win over hidden hunger with whole grains

Whole grains are rich in protein, fiber and minerals. But our gut can't absorb this goodness with the presence of antinutrients. How to deal with this issue?

Rural transformation
News Story
22 October 2018
How can business partnerships support achievement of the SDGs?

Sustainable food systems require new kinds of collaborations. What would these partnerships look like? See examples and get inspired with the discussions during our side event at CFS 45.

Trade and production
Blog Post
8 May 2018
It’s all-inclusive: How a large-scale business uses agroforestry to rebuild post-war Laos

Large-scale agroforestry project in Laos combines private and public interests, integrating food security and commercial wood production.

Health and nutrition
6 April 2016
The Business Case for Improving Value Chain Productivity through Nutrition: A Call to Action

This seminar seeks to call Swedish importers to take action to improve nutrition for producer families that rely on them for income and at the same time boost efficiency and sustainability along...

Trade and production
Blog Post
27 May 2014
CSR is Dead, Long Live the Triple Bottom Line! – Sustainable Business at the EAT Forum

“How can we change the food system in order for it to provide us with healthy food, save environment and make a business sense?” “Should we give up on our planet if the solutions don’t make business sense?” and “Does food production need stricter regulation and how does business get on board of the global race for sustainability?”

Trade and production
News Story
27 May 2014
Is Your Lunch Sustainable? A Quest for Answers in a Globalized Food System

We have long known that what we eat affects our health, but we are only beginning to grasp how much our food affects the environment, close to home and around the world.

Climate change and resource conflict
Landscape management
3 December 2013
The Increasing Importance of Ecosystem Services by Pavan Sukhdev

On 26 November, while visiting Sweden to accept the Gothenburg Award for Sustainable Development, Sukhdev spoke at a seminar about environmental services co-organized by SEI, the SEI-hosted...