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Health and nutrition
Landscape management
News Story
4 December 2020
The hidden reality of soil pollution calling plants to the rescue

Phytoremediation, a cost-effective solution for a biological soil clean-up, can help us avoid health hazards and strengthen food security.

Climate change and resource conflict
Rural transformation
25 September 2019
Agri4D Digital Edition – Soil Degradation and the SDGs

This webinar will look at the socio-economic drivers of soil degradation and explore solutions that can help achieve the SDGs related to soil health, sustainable land use and climate change.

Climate change and resource conflict
Landscape management
20 May 2015
S.O.S. – Save Our Soils

Throughout history the rise and fall of human civilizations have been closely connected to the way we treat – or mistreat – the living soils of our planet. The way we manage our soils plays a...