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Climate change and resource conflict
10 February 2016
Segenet Kelemu – Is today’s research applicable to the needs of small holder agriculture?

Who is defining the research agenda? Are we asking the right questions?

Trade and production
10 February 2016
Agnes Andersson Djurfeldt – Who is the African smallholder farmer?

How has farming in Africa developed during the last 15 years? African smallholder farmers and sustainable food production – trends and challenges.

Rural transformation
Forests, Landscapes and Food Security
Sustainable Agricultural Production and Food Security
News Story
18 November 2015
The changing face of Eastern and Southern African agriculture: from subsistence to commercial enterprises

Are we ready to meet the world’s  increasing food demand over the coming decades? Some people are doubtful of how we are going to feed 2.4 billion more people when no extra land is available and degradation of existing farmland is widespread.

Gender and equality
Health and nutrition
Trade and production
Blog Post
27 August 2013
Historic Cocoa Farming in Cameroon: Future For Smallholders?

Cocoa farming was introduced in the Mount Fako region of Cameroon in 1886 by the Germans with the aim of supplying their local factories with raw materials (cocoa beans). They owned and managed vast hectares of cocoa plantations which were worked forcefully by indigenous slaves.

Trade and production
27 September 2010
Production and Carbon Dynamics in Sustainable Agriculture and Forest Systems in Africa

This conference was a collaboration between Agri4D ,FOCALI, Futureagriculture and SIANI.