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Trade and production
9 September 2020
PHAB 2020: Plant Health, Agriculture and Bioscience Conference

Join the PHAB 2020 Conferece to explore innovations in plant health, and their connections to economic development, food security and environmental protection.

Landscape management
19 May 2020
Save the date: 19 May 2020 Webinar on “Healthier plants with the help of Biologicals?”

There is a growing demand to reduce many of the chemicals used in agriculture to make production of food and plant-based material more sustainable. Biologicals are compounds that can increase...

Landscape management
Climate change and resource conflict
Health and nutrition
News Story
24 February 2020
Insects can work wonders for our food security and health

The decline of pollinators and the effect it has on our food production and biodiversity is all over the news. But did you know that insects can help us fight diseases, improve nutrition and be climate smarter?