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Trade and production
News Story
28 June 2014
SIANI at Almedalen 2014: Working with Food Losses and Waste

Recent data on food waste indicate that roughly one third of the food produced for human consumption is wasted. In the face of the growing food security challenge and need for increased efficiency of the food system, food waste has been acknowledge as an issue of high importance on the international agenda.

Trade and production
News Story
17 March 2014
The Importance of Ecologically Based Rodent Management in Rice Pre-Harvest Losses

Rodents can not only make people jump in fright, but can also pose serious problems to food security. Although only 20 out 1700 rodent species are qualified as pests, each year they cause harvest losses of approximately 17%, enough to feed more than 25 million Indonesians for a year.

Health and nutrition
Landscape management
News Story
10 October 2013
Reporting from the Agri4D Conference: Pre/Post-harvest Losses – Including Post-harvest Handling and Storage

Substantial pre- and post-harvest losses occur as a result of inefficiencies of the agricultural value chain. Reducing losses caused by pest destruction, inefficient storage, and crop contamination would directly contribute to greater food security. One of the sessions at the Agri4D Conference was devoted to this particular issue.

Trade and production
26 July 2013
Chemical Ecology for Sustainable Sorghum Production in Ethiopia

This study was presented during the conference “Production and Carbon Dynamics in Sustainable Agricultural and Forest Systems in Africa” held in September, 2010.

Food Security and Energy Access
25 April 2013
Implementing a Sustainable “Food and Fuel” System in Jatropha Plantation Management

Presented as part of the seminar: South at the Steering Wheel - Improving sustainability in land investment for bioenergy in sub-Saharan Africa 29th May 2012, 08:00 - 17:30