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Health and nutrition
Trade and production
Blog Post
12 December 2014
All’s well that ends well, EVEN for an Economist! Day 2 at the Chatham House Food Security Meeting

Melinda Fones Sundell, SIANI's Senior Advisor reflects on "Food Security: Mapping Risks, Building Resilience" conference held in London on the 1-2 December 2014.

Landscape management
Restoration Of Rural Landscapes For Food Security
News Story
10 September 2013
A ‘Nexus’ Approach to Soil and Land Management

Degradation of soils is a worldwide phenomenon and has various affects on environment, primarily in terms of ecosystems and biodiversity loss, contributing to desertification and, hence, increasing vulnerability to climate change.  This range of interrelated issues is attributed to unsustainable land use practices and continuously growing further demand for land.