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Landscape management
Rural transformation
Small-scale farmers and biodiversity in Nepal
News Story
30 August 2021
Linking small-scale farmers and agricultural biodiversity in Nepal

Our new Expert Group will draw on and contribute to ongoing policy processes in Nepal to strengthen collaboration, and raise awareness, surrounding the critical links between small-scale farmers, agricultural biodiversity and achieving the 2030 Agenda.

Gender and equality
News Story
21 January 2019
What does male out-migration mean for women in rural South Asia?

In search for higher income men leave to cities or abroad. This type of migration is not only transforming rural economies, but also changes gender relations.

Landscape management
News Story
25 May 2017
In a bind: How policy divide between forestry and farming can result in poverty and hunger

For generations, upland communities of Vietnam, Thailand and Nepal relied on fruits, nuts, mushrooms and berries when harvests were low, and used shifting agriculture, allowing soil to rebound.

Landscape management
10 May 2017
Farming + Forests = Food security: Integrated landscapes offer hope of sustainability in Asian uplands

Forests have, historically, had a very important role in food security in upland areas of South and Southeast Asia – both as sources of wild food and as sites for grazing, planting food trees...