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Food Systems
Health and nutrition
News Story
9 May 2023
The shift from less milk-producing cow breeds to improved breeds in central Ethiopia

The challenges and opportunities for smallholder dairy farmers who own improved cow breeds in central highlands of Ethiopia.

Health and nutrition
Trade and production
News Story
15 July 2013
Reporting from SLU Global Food Security Symposium: Urban and Peri-Urban Animal Husbandry

In 2008 the world’s urban population exceeded the rural population for the first time in the history. This urbanization process is happening together with growing urban poverty and food insecurity and this trend is set to continue. 

Health and nutrition
Trade and production
Urban Animals: Balancing Good and Bad
10 July 2013
Brucella infections among cattle in urban and peri urban areas in Uganda

Today more than half of the planet’s inhabitants live in cities. The world-wide migration of rural people to cities is particular prominent in Africa and Asia. Some are “pushed” there ...