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Health and nutrition
Trade and production
News Story
26 March 2020
How can we avoid another virus outbreak?

Focusing on biodiversity, biosafety and bioinformatics offers a multi-dimensional strategy for effective virus risk management.

Health and nutrition
News Story
21 September 2017
Why antimicrobial resistance is everybody’s business and how we can sort it out

Antimicrobials have become one of the most misused medicines. As a result, pathogenic bacteria that cause infectious diseases have started to adapt and have become resistant.

Health and nutrition
Landscape management
Urban Animals: Balancing Good and Bad
7 June 2016
Urban animals – feeding the cities of the future

This policy brief outlines policy actions for management of urban livestock production and identifies the existing knowledge gaps.

Sustainable Agricultural Production and Food Security
News Story
16 March 2016
Reporting from the SIANI – SLU Global Livestock Resources Seminar

Livestock Resources for Food Security in the Light of Climate Change 

Trade and production
Blog Post
20 October 2014
Thirsty food story: Grasping the invisible ingredient

Every food item we eat needs water for its production, but different foods require different amount of water.

Gender and equality
Trade and production
14 October 2013
Cattle in the Kalahari: Breeding Gendered Change

Presented at the Agri4D 2013 conference at the session on Transforming Gender Roles in Agriculture: - Ways Forward

Climate change and resource conflict
Landscape management
30 August 2013
Emissions from land use change and soil carbon changes in carbon footprints of animal products:Video

Global farmers face an enormous challenge to satisfy a rapidly growing demand for food, feed, fibres and fuels. At the same time the environmental sustainability of production methods is being...

Trade and production
26 July 2013
Impact of Emerging Transboundary Diseases, using African Swine Fever in Uganda as a specific Case

This study was presented during the conference “Production and Carbon Dynamics in Sustainable Agricultural and Forest Systems in Africa” held in September, 2010.