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Landscape management
1 March 2017
Can a protein production index optimize land use?

Presented by Anna Woodhouse MSc, PhD - SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden, at the young researchers meeting on multifunctional landscapes, Gothenburg June 7-8, 2016.  

Landscape management
Restoration Of Rural Landscapes For Food Security
News Story
10 September 2013
A ‘Nexus’ Approach to Soil and Land Management

Degradation of soils is a worldwide phenomenon and has various affects on environment, primarily in terms of ecosystems and biodiversity loss, contributing to desertification and, hence, increasing vulnerability to climate change.  This range of interrelated issues is attributed to unsustainable land use practices and continuously growing further demand for land.

Climate change and resource conflict
Landscape management
30 August 2013
Emissions from land use change and soil carbon changes in carbon footprints of animal products:Video

Global farmers face an enormous challenge to satisfy a rapidly growing demand for food, feed, fibres and fuels. At the same time the environmental sustainability of production methods is being...