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Health and nutrition
Rural transformation
News Story
13 September 2022
Productive sanitation systems to strengthen food security

Learn the main highlights from the 32nd SuSanA meeting on the value of human excreta and wastewater as fertiliser for improving soil quality and crop productivity.

Food Systems
Blog Post
19 April 2022
Blunderous organic farming attempt

Having participated in the United Nations Food Systems Summit 2021, I have observed different propositions presented by world leaders to transform prevailing global food systems to attain...

Food Systems
Food systems
News Story
5 April 2022
The war risks increasing world hunger

The war in Ukraine is sending shockwaves around the world, reports the Swedish magazine Syre. One of all the effects is sky-high wheat prices and extremely high prices for fertilizers. Ukraine is...

Landscape management
Trade and production
Food systems
6 July 2021
A Perennial Revolution of Agriculture

What advantages does perennial grain cropping entails? What is needed to grow more of these crops? Join this webinar from the UNFSS to find out.