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Health and nutrition
Trade and production
7 September 2021
Towards a new mindset for epidemic animal diseases

The purpose of this seminar is to explore the drivers of pandemic emergence and means of control for epidemic animal diseases; in order to identify and prioritise matters that need to be...

Health and nutrition
News Story
17 December 2018
Pushing back against disease with participatory epidemiology

How can diseases control benefit from cross-pollination between veterinary epidemiology and social sciences?

Health and nutrition
27 November 2018
Increasing the local relevance of Epidemiological research: situated knowledge of cattle disease among Basongora Pastoralists

Erika Chenais (National Veterinary Institute, Sweden) and Klara Fischer (SLU): Presenting interdisciplinary approach on epidemiological research.

Health and nutrition
27 November 2018
Local understanding of Ebola some lessons from West Africa

Prof. Paul Richards, Wageningen University: Presenting how Ebola response might have benefited from greater engagement with perspectives linking veterinary epidemiology and social knowledge of...