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Rural transformation
News Story
1 July 2020
The tide has turned: Integrated farming systems replace intensive food production

Why is FAO moving away from resource-intensive farming as a way to feed the world? And what are the alternatives?

Climate change and resource conflict
Trade and production
28 March 2019
The role of the finance sector – lessons from dialogues with financial giants.

Beatrice Crona, Executive Director, of the Global Economic Dynamics and the Biosphere Programme, Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

22 May 2017
SWEACC – East African Chamber of Commerce

Presented by Per Olof Seman - SWEACC, at the workshop "Youth, Agripreneurship and the Sustainable Development Goals", 8th of May 2017.

Gender and equality
Rural transformation
News Story
29 August 2012
Recognising the African woman farmer article & Interviews with the authors

Boys learning new ideas of masculinity around campfires in rural Africa and “sisterhoods” formed to provide a common voice to women are starting to change attitudes about African women farmers, say the authors of a forthcoming book about gender and agriculture.