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Climate change and resource conflict
News Story
10 June 2019
The animals, the climate and the festival – test your skills in our quiz!

SIANI visited the Climate Festival at Stockholm University and challenged the young participants in our quiz about animals and climate! Missed the festival? Take the quiz here!

Landscape management
Rural transformation
News Story
24 August 2018
Rethinking development: One perspective never tells the full story

Don’t you think it’s rather brazen to assume that a pastoralist or someone from a forest community knows less about their land and environment than a scientist or a policy official?

Climate change and resource conflict
Trade and production
Blog Post
21 October 2016
Can insurance help Southeast Asia’s farmers cope with climate change?

The ASEAN countries are looking to scale up and diversify their efforts to build resilience in the agriculture sector, which faces increasingly frequent crop failures. If Thailand wants to continue to be one of the world’s top rice producers, it will need to help farmers withstand the shock of more-frequent crop failures. This is where agricultural insurance comes in.

Climate change and resource conflict
Blog Post
19 October 2016
The calm after the storm? How El Niño stirs up old development problems

Power distribution and poverty are important reasons of why El Niño and other natural phenomenon become “disasters” in some places but not in other.

Climate change and resource conflict
Landscape management
15 May 2016
Community resource management, landscapes and climate change in South- and Southeast Asia

This event is a collaboration between the Themes of "Forests, Landscapes and Food Security" and the "Sustainable Agricultural Production and Food Security."The entry point for the workshop is...