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Health and nutrition
News Story
23 April 2019
Poisonous milk: How the lack of awareness can lead to a public health calamity

Kenyans love their milk, but it was recently reported that milk sold at local markets contains toxic chemicals. How bad is it and how to stop the contamination?

Trade and production
Blog Post
10 April 2015
Waste to Resource: Integrating Manure Management into Dairy in Asia

Manure Knowledge Kiosk (MKK) kicks off its regional activity in 2015, participating in the Dairy Asia meeting, sensitizing policy-makers and key stakeholders in the region whilst building awareness of the benefits of integrated manure management for sustainable livestock.

Health and nutrition
News Story
18 September 2013
Tetra Pak Sustainability Update 2013

Tetra Pak® has recently launched the Sustainability Update 2013 website, where they report on their commitment to grow their business in a socially, environmentally and economically responsible way. In the report you can read about how they are improving nutrition and strengthening the whole food value chain through innovative partnerships.