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Climate change and resource conflict
Landscape management
21 October 2020
The Stockholm High-Level Meeting on addressing the humanitarian impact of climate change

The Government of Sweden is holding a meeting about the humanitarian impacts of climate change, with food security and risk anticipation as a focus.

Climate change and resource conflict
18 June 2020
Youth in Agribusiness: Coping with COVID-19 in the context of a Changing Climate

Join the discussion on how COVID-19 and other climate related shocks has affected youth in agribusiness. Learn about innovative ideas to address the current food crisis!

Landscape management
Trade and production
Forests, Landscapes and Food Security
10 November 2014
Can Agroforestry Address Food Security Concerns under a Changing Climate?

The purpose of this workshop is to bring together leading scholar-practitioners from five parts of the world, Sweden, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Kenya and Ecuador, to share knowledge of and aspirations for...