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Climate change and resource conflict
Climate change and resource conflict
Rural transformation
News Story
17 July 2018
Every farmer is different. Why should they adapt to climate change the same way?

Recent study identifies key indicators of adaptive capacity. This framework helps to customize climate adaptation efforts for the needs of farming communities.

Landscape management
Blog Post
8 November 2017
Wastewater in forestry?

Using wastewater in forestry combines water re-use and nutrient recycling. This approach can theoretically address water scarcity, help to maintain tree cover and provide multiple ecosystem...

Landscape management
9 August 2017
Agroforestry – biståndets bortglömda superhjälte

Agrofroestry Networks seminarium på Sidas scen Sverige i Världen under Almedalen 2017. En majoritet av jordens 700 miljoner extremt fattiga bor på landsbygden och är beroende av jordbruk för...

Landscape management
News Story
25 May 2017
In a bind: How policy divide between forestry and farming can result in poverty and hunger

For generations, upland communities of Vietnam, Thailand and Nepal relied on fruits, nuts, mushrooms and berries when harvests were low, and used shifting agriculture, allowing soil to rebound.

Landscape management
Sustainable Agricultural Production and Food Security
News Story
8 September 2016
Multifunctional landscapes for food security, livelihoods and the environment

Together, SIANI and SLU Global host Agri4D, a large biannual national conference. This conference also has an inter-twining biannual smaller meeting for young researchers since 2014. For 2016 it was proposed to carry out the smaller conference with the thematic field of “multifunctional landscapes”.