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Rural transformation
Food systems
12 December 2016
Fostering rural transformation – a pathway to a sustainable, peaceful and equitable development?

The change across world’s cities and rural areas is obvious, constant and rapid. Growing demand for food, driven by population growth and rising incomes, creates opportunities and challenges for...

Rural transformation
Trade and production
Blog Post
9 December 2016
Rural special: A fresh look at food security policy?

Think for a second what is your image of a peasant. Poor, badly educated, non-progressive, do these adjectives come to your mind? But why does this have to be like that?

Climate change and resource conflict
Trade and production
News Story
20 October 2016
Nairobi fresh: How an innovative law is helping the city to grow its own food

Ever heard of Kibera vertical farms?  These are not perhaps the designer skyscraper greenhouses you might imagine, but rather sacks filled with soil. However, Kibera dwellers are able to grow tomatoes, spinach and kale in those sacks which, together with ugali and eggs, from Kibera-kept chickens, make a nutritious meal.

Landscape management
Forests, Landscapes and Food Security
Sustainable Agricultural Production and Food Security
28 August 2016
Forests, water and sustainable growth of cities

Restored and sustainably managed forests in cities watersheds can provide cost effective solutions to enhance the quality and quantity of  operation of traditional “grey” water infrastructure.