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Food Systems
Food systems
News Story
10 February 2022
Strategic collaborative fund Phase 2: 2022 call for concept notes for regional events

SEI’s Strategic Collaborative Fund Phase 2 (SCF2) emphasizes collaborative partnerships that integrate gender and social equality and human rights-based approaches. Theme Climate-resilient...

Health and nutrition
Trade and production
Hidden in Grains
News Story
19 April 2021
Pump up the iron: how to win over hidden hunger with whole grains

Whole grains are rich in protein, fiber and minerals. But our gut can't absorb this goodness with the presence of antinutrients. How to deal with this issue?

Climate change and resource conflict
Landscape management
Land, Livestock and Livelihoods; the Triple L Research Initiative
5 March 2019
Creating opportunities for sustainability through understanding of livelihood transformations in the drylands of Sub-Saharan Africa

This policy brief discusses socio-economic transformations in the drylands of West Pokot, Kenya. It focuses on how land tenure is affecting marginalized groups in society and how climate change is...

Health and nutrition
Trade and production
8 September 2016
Joakim Holmdahl, Jordbruksverket: Capacity Building Agriculture – Georgia

Joakim Holmdahl, manager at Swedish Board of Agriculture describes their work around capacity building and technical support to the Georgian National Food Agency. From the event Institutional...

Sustainable Agricultural Production and Food Security
News Story
7 March 2016
Report from the SIANI – SLU Global Capacity Development Workshop

A joint SIANI-SLU Global workshop took place on March 3, 2016 at SEI, Stockholm. The workshop aimed at discussing the impact of the Swedish involvement in capacity building as well as lessons learned. The workshop had the participation of international researchers, PhD and master students, members of the Swedish government, universities, consulting agencies and the SIANI network.

Health and nutrition
Trade and production
Blog Post
16 May 2014
Is Promoting Farmer Resilience Recycled Agricultural Risk Reduction?

Conference organizers have managed to facilitate stimulating discussions in spite of the very short time at hand and, while I am not learning that much about resilience, there are many other insights to be gained!