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Rural transformation
Rural Change Captured Through a Youthful Lens
Photo Essay
6 March 2018
Outline of Expert Group: Rural Change Captured Through a Youthful Lens

Objectives The project’s overall aim is to enhance the understanding of social change and social impacts of rural-urban transformation on younger adults and adolescent community members in...

Landscape management
Rural transformation
Forests, Landscapes and Food Security
15 September 2014
Tenure Trends & Pressures on Forest Communities in Cameroon

Presented as part of the Seminar on Securing Forest and Community Land Rights - Challenges, Trends and Ways Forward. The seminar focused on forests and other off-farm areas that constitute vital...

Trade and production
Blog Post
27 August 2013
Historic Cocoa Farming in Cameroon: Future For Smallholders?

Cocoa farming was introduced in the Mount Fako region of Cameroon in 1886 by the Germans with the aim of supplying their local factories with raw materials (cocoa beans). They owned and managed vast hectares of cocoa plantations which were worked forcefully by indigenous slaves.