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Rural transformation
5 August 2015
Agro-industrial foreign investment and rural transformation: Lessons from the Makeni Project in Sierra Leone

This policy brief distils the findings of an SEI study of a major bioenergy project's impact on rural development and local livelihoods. 

Rural transformation
Blog Post
28 June 2014
Bioenergy and Climate-compatible Rural Development

During the recent World Bioenergy Conference (WBC) on 3-5 June in Jönköping, Sweden, a workshop focusing on rural development was held, entitled: “How can Bioenergy benefit Rural Development in Tropical Countries?” The speakers addressed existing projects at both pilot and commercial scale in three different regions of Africa (East, West and Southern) and covered both agricultu

Rural transformation
Trade and production
29 May 2012
South at the Steering Wheel

The goal of the day is to use a number of presentations in the morning on related topics to develop a common base in the formation of guidelines for an informed update on crucial topics for...

Trade and production
25 May 2012
Biofuel: A Guide for the Confused

Preface“Biofuels: A Guide for the Confused” is written primarily for field staff and decision-makers involved in biofuel development. It assumes no previous or specialist knowledge of...