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Climate change and resource conflict
Landscape management
Rural transformation
Food systems
News Story
25 January 2021
Does beef production have a place in sustainable food systems?

We know meat consumption and livestock farming as climate and sustainability culprits. But is it always the case? Explore the protein debate.

Climate change and resource conflict
Trade and production
Blog Post
10 November 2013
Climate Smart Agriculture: Lessons from Engaging with Smallholders as Co-researchers by Sara Burbi and Mike Jones

In recent years, farmers have been placed under a growing pressure from markets and government to improve business competitiveness and simultaneously reduce the environmental impacts of farming.

Health and nutrition
Trade and production
Urban Animals: Balancing Good and Bad
10 July 2013
Synthesis : Urban and peri-urban animal farming

Today more than half of the planet’s inhabitants live in cities. The world-wide migration of rural people to cities is particular prominent in Africa and Asia. Some are “pushed”...