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Climate change and resource conflict
Health and nutrition
15 December 2022
Scaling Up Agroforestry

This brief focuses on the most crucial opportunities, barriers and actions for disseminating agroforestry systems more widely

Climate change and resource conflict
12 December 2022
Agroforestry Network: Scaling up agroforestry – policy brief launch

Would you like to learn about how agroforestry as a method could be scaled up? Welcome to the launch of a new policy brief by Agroforestry Network.

Landscape management
News Story
15 April 2021
Have your say about the future of sustainable farming!

Answer this survey to help us understand what agroforestry can offer young people that other farming practices can't.

Rural transformation
Impact Story
4 June 2020
Highlighted the linkages between agroforestry and migration

Read this impact story about how SIANI highlighted the linkages between agroforestry and migration.

Rural transformation
2 July 2019
Policy brief – Migration and Agroforestry

People migrate for many different reasons – by necessity, by choice or non-voluntary. In 2017, 258 million people globally migrated for different reasons, such as seeking job or education...