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Food Systems
Health and nutrition
News Story
8 July 2022
Food insecurity is an avoidable problem

Despite the recessionary context, much can and needs to be done with existing resources. It seems that it is now or never. Governments should start rethinking how they can reallocate their existing public budgets to make them more cost-effective and efficient in reducing the cost of nutritious foods and increasing the availability and affordability of healthy diets, from sustainable agrifood systems.

Health and nutrition
Sustainable Agricultural Production and Food Security
News Story
18 April 2016
Bending the Curve-Africa’s Unfolding Agrifood System and Diet Transformation

Report from SIANI and SLU Global WorkshopWith more than 26 participants, the workshop on Bending the Curve-Africa's Unfolding Agrifood System and Diet Transformation took place on Wednesday April 13th 2016.