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Food Systems
Gender and equality
Food systems
News Story
3 March 2022
Celebrating women making food systems more sustainable

In line with the International Women’s Day 2022 campaign, SIANI wants to recognise their enormous contribution to food systems and make their voice heard. Women worldwide share their role in the shift to sustainable food systems.

Climate change and resource conflict
Health and nutrition
News Story
15 January 2018
Innovation prize for research on fast-growing durum wheat for hot climate

Today, there are durum wheat varieties that can be grown on the savannah, along the Senegal River during the four months of the year when temperatures reach 35-40 degrees (°C) and it is too hot...

Health and nutrition
Trade and production
Blog Post
3 October 2016
A diary about the world’s first CRISPR-edited cabbage

One of the plant’s genes has been “edited”, so to speak, using CRISPR/Cas9 technology in which a small part of the DNA has been removed.

Health and nutrition
Sustainable Agricultural Production and Food Security
News Story
4 January 2016
Sida invests 60 million SEK in food security

The programme Agriculture for Food Security Post 2015 (AgriFoSe) – translating science into policy and development has been developed by researchers from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Lund University, Gothenburg University and Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI).

Landscape management
Blog Post
10 January 2014
Landscape Approach: the New Hype? Reflections from the Global Landscape Forum

“We are two Swedish networks… the research network Focali, focusing on Forest, Climate and Livelihood issues and SIANI, the Swedish International Agricultural Network Initiative…”