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Hidden in Grains
20 May 2021
Video: How to combat hidden hunger with traditional grains?

This animation explains what value chain adjustments can help to increase the nutritional value of traditional grains and improve the health of their consumers.

Health and nutrition
Trade and production
Food systems
News Story
4 March 2021
Goat keeping can boost food security and livelihood resilience in Zambia, but value chain investments are needed

Zambian goat keepers need a formalized market structure and support with animal health. Only then the much-needed poverty reduction and livelihood resilience can be achieved.

Trade and production
Blog Post
16 August 2017
The future food system is open-source, high-tech and operates through networks

“While the third agricultural revolution boiled down to the effects of a small number of actors focusing on the singular goal of maximizing the yields, I believe the fourth revolution will be the opposite — a huge amount of actors across disciplines will crowdsource multivariable solutions, based on a greater understanding of the emergent phenomena in agricultural systems.”