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Food Systems
Food systems
16 October 2021
People’s Food Summit

The People’s Food Summit will be a truly participatory summit that empowers the majority of the world's food producers.

Health and nutrition
Rural transformation
News Story
13 June 2019
Chefs spill the beans, but where are the farmers? Reflections from the EAT Forum 2019 in Stockholm

Follow the latest updates and key discussions on the intersection of food, health, and nature.

Rural transformation
Trade and production
Higher Education for Sustainable Agriculture (HESA) in Southeast Asia
23 January 2018
Greening Agri-food Systems, Ensuring Rural Sustainability and Promoting Healthy Socioeconomic Transformation in South-East Asia

Modern, conventional agriculture integrated with a global agri-food system contributes to many global environmental problems while malnutrition, hunger and poverty persist amid...

Trade and production
News Story
12 January 2017
Get a taste of food waste reduction – Uppsala start-up makes restaurants’ surplus food available for purchase

Did you know that during the last few years, Swedish restaurants and grocery stores reduced food loss and waste by 15-35%?