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News Story
30 October 2019

Call for abstracts submissions for the special issue on sustainable livestock

Livestock Systems in Urbanizing Environments: Impacts and Implications for Food Security in Developing Countries.

In developing countries, urbanization and associated demographic changes are posing unprecedented challenges related to food insecurity. Livestock Production Systems (LPSs) in rapidly urbanizing cities in Africa and Asia will come to face significant adjustment pressures. Due to the urbanization of poverty, demand for urban food will grow and cities will exert greater influence on peri-urban and rural livelihoods and environments. However, intensive livestock production expanding closer to urban centers negatively affects land and water resources, human and animal health. In a developing country context, this collection encourages submissions on:

• Identifying and conceptualizing the emerging challenges for LPSs to meet the increased demand for livestock sourced food in urbanizing environments.
• Policies that need to be changed or implemented to build sustainable livestock production.


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