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22 August 2018

Rethinking Development – Development Research Conference 2018

Communities in and aorund Gunung Halimun-Salak National Park, Java, Indonesia. Photo by Mokhamad Edliadi for CIFOR, flickr (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Register for the biennial Development Research Conference: Rethinking Development, 22-23 August 2018 in Gothenburg, to join in on the debate

The two-day Development Research Conference in Gothenburg takes on the themes of what kind of ‘development’ that is wanted for today’s world, and is built up by different panels now calling for papers. The panels and individual papers are sought on the various theoretical and substantive challenges of rethinking development, as well as on other pressing issues of development research.

The idea, study, and policy field of ‘development’ emerged in the 1940s, in a time of decolonization, the Cold War, and Euro-centric high modernism. Seventy years later the scene is one of new emerging economies, migration crises, multiculturalism, climate change, and increased competition for land and other natural resources. Given such profound transformations, do we need, again, to rethink ‘development’?

Development can be rethought in terms of concepts, issues, methods and policies. For example, does it still make sense to speak of a ‘North’ and a ‘South’? What place, if any, remains for ‘aid’ in today’s altered development landscape? And are, indeed, ecological and other critics right to question the very notion of ‘development’? If so, what takes its place?

Deadline for papers submission to the different panels is February 23rd, 2018. Register to the conference online between April 13th – June 30th to join in on the debate.

Welcome to Gothenburg and DevRes2018!

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From 22 August 2018 to 23 August 2018


Wallenberg Conference Centre, Medicinaregatan 20A, 413 90 Göteborg and
Annedalsseminariet School of Global Studies (GU), Seminariegatan 1A, 413 13 Göteborg

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