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7 July 2020

Nature-based Solutions in a Changing Climate

Welcome to join this virtual conference on Nature-based Solutions in a Changing Climate

Photo: Joe Warranont / Unsplash

Nature-based solutions—working with nature to address societal challenges—are emerging as an integrated approach that can help address the causes and consequences of climate change at relatively low-cost, whilst delivering multiple benefits for people and nature.

NbS were highlighted in this year’s IPBES Global Biodiversity Assessment Report and the IPCC Climate Change and Land Report and were prominently endorsed at the UN Climate Summit. Many countries and companies have signed up to the NbS to Climate Manifesto and/or have committed to NbS in their climate pledges. However, evidence on the potential of NbS to provide the intended benefits has not been rigorously synthesised. There are concerns over their reliability, scale-ability and cost-effectiveness compared to engineered
alternatives, as well as their resilience to climate change. Trade-offs can arise if climate policy encourages NbS with low biodiversity value, such as afforestation with non-native monocultures. This can result in maladaptation, especially in a rapidly changing world where biodiversity-based socio-ecological resilience is key.

We are committed to ensuring 2020 remains a Super Year for Nature, despite the challenges of COVID-19. Therefore, on 7-9 July we will be hosting a virtual event to discuss key issues around NbS. This event will serve as a primer to our main 2021 conference and will involve many of the same world-leading experts. Please check back soon for more details on the scope and content of the event, including speakers for each session, and registration information.


Over the course of six 1.5-hour sessions over three days we will explore the evidence behind each of the four key guidelines for successful, sustainable nature-based solutions, as described in, and we will discuss the challenges and solutions around the implementation, financing and governance of NbS.

Each day will start at 12h00 (GMT+1) with a 30-min “plenary” followed by two sessions.  Each session will involve 3-5 short webinars, a facilitated panel discussion, Q&A sessions with our remote audience, “poster” and networking sessions. Our facilitators and speakers will be world-leading experts from across science, policy and practice working at the nexus of climate change, biodiversity and development.

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From 7 July 2020 to 9 July 2020



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