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25 February 2019

Effective Livestock Production with Low Use of Antibiotics – Free Online Course!

Would you like to know more about disease prevention and antibiotic use in livestock production to decrease the risk of antibiotic resistant diseases? Then you can take this free online course offered by the Swedish University for Agricultural Sciences!

Photo: Robert Bye / Unsplash


Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is an increasing problem worldwide and is a threat to the health of animals and humans. But there is still a need for a efficient livestock production, which requires healthy animals. In many countries, this has led to extensive and often inappropriate use of antibiotics, which may contribute to increasing antibiotic resistance.

On this course, you will learn how basic disease preventative measures in combination with sensible use of antibiotics can sustain or even increase the livestock production and limit the emergence of antibiotic resistance.

The topics covered by the course:

  • What antibiotics are and what they are used for
  • What antibiotic resistance is, how it develops and why it is a problem
  • Basics of infectious disease prevention
  • When and how we should use antibiotics prudently and efficiently in livestock production
  • How to combine disease preventative measures and prudent use of antibiotics for livestock to sustain their health and productivity
  • The economic possibilities in applying disease preventative measures

The course starts the 25th of February so make sure to register soon! More information about the course can be found here!



From 25 February 2019 to 22 March 2019



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