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31 March 2021

Agri4D 2021 on food systems for new realities: Deadline extended until May 31, 2021

Agricultural Research for Development Conference 2021 will take place between September 28-30, 2021 and will be held online. Deadline Extension: May 31, 2021! Registration is free of charge and will open in June 2021!

African vegetable market, Assomada, Santiago Island, Cape Verde Photo: Peter Adams / Getty Images

Purpose of the conference

To progress towards sustainable and just food systems, Agri4D will bring together researchers, policy makers and practitioners to engage with the challenges of food systems with a focus on low-income contexts in a globalised world. The conference aims to provide a platform to take stock of the current knowledge frontier, connect science to policy making and practice, and spark new collaborations.

The organizers of the conference are looking to foster change and transformation
by providing the participants with new perspectives, necessary knowledge and tools
to go back in their own organizations and be the seed of change. The purpose of the conference Agri4D is to create space for researchers, practitioners and policy makers to touch base on the state of food systems in the world with a particular focus on low-income contexts – to identify what is working and where the gaps are.


More than 800 million people in the world are undernourished, despite the
growing scientific knowledge and decades of international aid. Natural resource
conflicts, climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic rapidly push more people
into poverty and hunger. At the same time, obesity is an increasing health problem
in almost all countries in the world. While the majority of existing food systems
are drivers of biodiversity loss, greenhouse gas emissions and water insecurity,
they also provide livelihoods to a majority of people.

Just and resilient food systems can contribute to all Sustainable Development Goals
(SDGs). At this year’s Agri4D conference, we ask the participants to specifically
address the core question: ‘
How can we shape sustainable and just food
systems, resilient to the new realities of changing climates, ongoing
transformations in food production, supply and demand, health threats
and pandemics?

The Agri4D platform

The objective of the conference is to present and integrate knowledge about
potential solutions and outcomes, while identifying how those solutions might
provide incentives and enable the social and economic transformations necessary to advance and achieve the goal of eradicating hunger in the world.

With the ongoing pandemic, we will hold the conference online enabling wide international participation creating a great potential for open and dynamic conversations. We divide the three days conference into 6 topics.

The conference is a learning opportunity for all involved, from young researchers
to stakeholders, to raise awareness based on scientific knowledge.

Conference topics

We are welcoming abstract submission to 6 topics:

Conference topics

We are welcoming abstract submission on 6 topics:

Topic 1 – Justice in food governance: calls for work on social and environmental justice in food systems with special attention to questions of gender, social marginalization and intersectionality.

Topic 2 – Towards improved food and nutrition security, from smallholder-inclusive food systems: focuses on the role of smallholders within inclusive food systems to enable food and nutrition security for producers and consumers in cities and rural areas.

Topic 3 – Agroecology: focuses on economic, environmental and social sustainability of food production. The topic will cover resource use and ecological interactions in agriculture as well as interactions between different actors in the food system, notably consumers and producers.

Topic 4 – Closing the loop – making food systems circular: looks closer into management approaches and technologies that can reduce waste generation and create new products from waste, like insect protein or fertilizers, including the drivers for change in the management from linear to circular systems.

Topic 5 – Innovation & innovative approaches: focuses on technical, social and organizational innovations that enable development towards the Agenda 2030 goals.

Topic 6 – Build resilience to vulnerabilities, shocks and stress: focuses on making food systems more resilient and better prepared for future shocks and stressors. These stressors can be climate change, energy demand, recovering food system post-pandemic or access to and management of water.

For more details about the topics please visit the conference website or see the PDF in the resources section below.

Guidance for Abstracts Submissions

Abstracts will only be selected if they clearly address the theme of
the announced topics and propose solutions.
Abstracts should:

  • be less than 250 words in length
  • do not use abbreviations or cite references in the abstract
  • include up to five keywords representing the main content
  • include the name, affiliation, and email address of the panel organizer
  • author(s) name (the presenting author must be listed as the first author)
  • author(s) affiliation
  • author email address for correspondence

Submit your abstract

Deadline Extension:  31 May 2021 for abstract submission

Abstract acceptance: Email notification of acceptance/rejection will be sent to corresponding authors by June 18, 2021.

Publication: Accepted abstracts will be incorporated into the Conference Programme and
distributed to all registrants. They will also be available for download in a PDF document. Presentations will be available post-conference as downloads from the conference website.

For further details visit the conference website  or contact 


From 31 March 2021 at 17:31 to 14 May 2021 at 23:59



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