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24 November 2020

Antibiotic Resistance: solutions to a multi-faceted problem

Christina Victoria Craft/ Unsplash

About this Event

Axfoundation together with Prosperous Planet will be hosting a discussion panel examining the multi-faceted challenges and solutions of antibiotic resistance through the lens of the Anthropocene. We welcome professionals across business, academia, authorities, and civil society, to this digital event which aims to increase the participants’ knowledge of antibiotic resistance – but more importantly spur ideas for innovative business opportunities.

The issue

The spread of bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics is rapidly increasing across the world. The WHO labels this “a ticking bomb threatening human health in fundamental ways”. More people are projected to die from antibiotic resistance than cancer in 2050. In total, more antibiotics are used for healthy animals than to treat sick humans therein spreading the frequency of which we are in contact with antibiotics hastening the pace of resistance.

The event

The event will digitally bring together leading business entrepreneurs and experts within the fields of medicine, agriculture, systems ecology, future studies, globalization, and complex systems analysis, to engage in a novel conversation about one of the big challenges for humanity in the 21st century.

Our aim

  • Increase participants’ knowledge of the multi-faceted, systematic, and Anthropocene challenge of antibiotic resistance.
  • Level up the engagement regarding the importance of creating innovations to decrease antibiotic resistance.
  • Connect and create relationships between people that are savvy and passionate about ending antibiotic resistance and to spur ideas for innovative business opportunities.

The panelists

  • Cecilia de Pedro, Sustainability manager, Apotek Hjärtat
  • Elin Enfors-Kautsky, CEO & founder, Prosperous Planet
  • Gunilla Eklund, Deputy Director Ministry of Enterprise & Innovation
  • Saba Atefyekta, CTO & Co-founder, Amferia
  • Helle Aagaard, Deputy Director, ReAct Europe
  • Maria Smith, Secretary General, Axfoundation
  • Max Troell, Ph.D Associate Professor, Stockholm Resilience Centre/Beijer Institute
  • Ulf Magnusson, Professor, Swedish University of Agricultural Science
  • Åsa Domeij, Head of Sustainability, Axfood

Welcome to join – and be part of the solution!


From 24 November 2020 at 08:00 to 24 November 2020 at 10:00



Hosted by

Axfoundation & Prosperous Planet