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9 April 2020

Indigenous African food and beverages expo – Our food, Our Heritage, Our future

This indigenous food expo of 2020 will identify indigenous African foods and help develop this unique and novel food industry into the next global food craze. To develop the African food industry, we need to know our food intrinsically. This collaborative expo between the African Food Revolution and Amagugu International Heritage Centre will help amplify our indigenous African foods into uncharted food territories.

Photo: RefugeeServicesOfTexas / Flickr.

Indigenous African food remains an unopened treasure trove which offers a unique gastronomic experience. To develop the industry we firstly have to know how African forefathers managed to enjoy nutritious, wholesome and rich food. To move forward we need to look back and develop a clear and solid food foundation.

The conference includes sessions on the history of African foods, migration patterns and influence on food culture, food poetry, different foods consumed across Africa and several other interesting topics of indigenous African food. Read more about the conference.



From 9 April 2020 at 08:00 to 11 April 2020 at 18:00


Whitewaters Business Centre
Amagugu Culture Centre, Matopo

Hosted by

African Food Revolution,