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12 December 2018

What is secondary about secondary forest? Forests in a time of climate change

This workshop is organised by SLU Global to discuss the importance of secondary forests in the time of climate change. Secondary forest is forest which regenerates through natural processes after significant removal of the original forest vegetation.

Photo: 424233/Pxhere

This workshop aims to stimulate a broad discussion on secondary forests as a category in a time of climate change. Smallholders are often key actors in secondary forest management and forest regeneration is central to many agricultural practices. The invited speakers will present forests, forestry and land use changes in relation to smallholders from different disciplinary perspectives.


Coffee break

Session 1: Setting the stage – secondary forests
Professor Adam Pain: What is secondary about secondary forests?
Professor in Rural Development at SLU, with interests in comparative rural change and livelihood trajectories.

Session 2: Forestry and secondary forests
Assistant Professor Niles Hasselquist: Forestry perspectives on secondary forests
Forest ecosystem ecologist from SLU, researching on disturbance and ecological feedback interactions.

Session 3: Forests and people
Professor Susanna Hecht: The social lives of forests
Geographer and professor in Urban Planning at UCLA and professor of international history at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva, with interests in the political economies of tropical development.

Lunch break

Session 4: Biodiversity and secondary forests
Dr. Toby Gardner: Environmental and policy aspects of primary and secondary forests
Research fellow at Stockholm Environment Institute, with expertise in science and science-policy issues in human-modified tropical landscapes.

Session 5: Forests, trees and property relations
Dr. Liz Alden Wiley: Legal perspectives on forest lands and territory
Political economist associated with the Van Vollenhoven Institute specialised in land tenure conflicts and community land rights.

Coffee break

Panel discussion led by discussant (Adam Pain) pulling together key questions and key issues from the presentations. Questions from the audience.

Register here!

More information is available here.


From 12 December 2018 at 09:30 to 12 December 2018 at 16:30


Hall K, Ultuna Campus, SLU

Hosted by

Kristina Marquardt,, 018-672099


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