John Corbett: Information Services Grow Resilient Agriculture

In this guest blog, John Corbett, Gabe Stalcup and Leila Al-Hamoodah of big data company aWhere, Inc. discuss the need for “information agile” agriculture that can help smallholder farmers adapt to a changing climate.

It’s hard to manage something you cannot see – can we feed billions from the ground up?


In many parts of India, groundwater has fueled an agricultural revolution, creating opportunities for increased production and dry season cropping – enhancing food security and sup

We’re all in the same boat: How shared risks might foster sustainable solutions

Float Bangkok flood

As part of WLE's partnership with The Economist's Sustainability Summit this March in London, the Thrive blog is publishing a series of posts that

Scaling up agroecology for food security, empowerment and resilience

This policy brief discusses ways to scale up agroecological approaches and suggests actionable advice tailored for various stakeholders, including policy-makers, private sector, financial partners, research and development community and civil society. The brief focuses on how to design scaling up initiatives and provides success as well as failure stories.

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Multifunctional landscapes for food security, livelihoods and the environment

Together, SIANI and SLU Global host Agri4D, a large biannual national conference. This conference also has an inter-twining biannual smaller meeting for young researchers since 2014. For 2016 it was proposed to carry out the smaller conference with the thematic field of “multifunctional landscapes”.

Sixth Annual Slow Living Summit: How to Succeed in Business by Slowing Down

Photo courtesy Robert S. Donovan (CC BY-NC 2.0)

he Summit encourages people to build mindfulness into everything they do. But how can the Slow Living concept be layered over the pressure of establishing a successful food or agriculture business within a fast-paced culture?