What does for today won't do for tomorrow!

Farmers around the Bagré dam in Burkina Faso are being asked to exchange their rainfed farm land for land in a big irrigation scheme.  Sounds like a great opportunity...

Final report: SIANI African Biochar Expert Group

This report summarizes the work of the SIANI Expert Group on African Biochar. It presents the completed activities during the period of Expert Group funding and gives an outlook of additional activities yet to come.

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How a “changing world” can affect equality in decision-making

The theme of this year’s International Women’s Day is “women in the changing world of work," which aims to right the inequalities that currently exist in the

How can avocado improve the livelihoods of smallholders in Tanzania?

Avocado has important nutritional values and the potential to contribute to cash flow in smallholder farming particularly for women in Tanzania.

Chances of high value crops entering local, regional markets and beyond is, however, often constrained by quality, particularly for home garden smallholder farmer settings.