Global Goals: Let’s do it!

Young people are central to the implementation of the 2030 Agenda; many are already working on creating a more sustainable future, shaking and moving the existing state of order with innovative thinking, creativity and passion.

#Hack4Ag Uganda: Developing ICT Tools to Empower Smallholder Farmers

Photo courtesy Arne Hoel/World Bank (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

The Hackathon is a collaboration between the World Bank’s Agriculture Global Practice (GFADR), the Government of Uganda and the Government of South Korea to develop ICT innovations and entrepreneurship in Ugandan agriculture.

Global Innovation Fund – utilising innovation to reduce poverty

Photo courtesy  ILO/Muntasir Mamun (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

The seminar will take place within the Global Entrepreneurship Week, at Sida in Stockholm. Do not miss this opportunity to ask the GIF team about the application process or the different stages of financing. Previous GIF grantees will be there to share their success stories, and give a hint on what works and not. 

4th Nordic Conference For Rural Research

Photo by Massmo Relsig via flickr. Vernal Daydream  A colorful way up near littl

The Nordic ruralities conference is an interdisciplinary forum for rural research with a particular emphasis on the Nordic countries. Rural communities frequently experience rapid changes in e.g.

Can Agroforestry Address Food Security Concerns under a Changing Climate? Panel discussion

The purpose of this workshop is to bring together leading scholar-practitioners from five parts of the world, Sweden, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Kenya and Ecuador, to share knowledge of and aspirations for agroforestry systems

Business and Agroforestry: the Role of Public-Private Partnerships

A great deal of the World Congress on Agroforestry, held last week in New Delhi, focused on business: How to link smallholders to markets? How to make agroforestry profitable? How to engage major corporations? How to guarantee social and environmental sustainability while making money?

Seminariet med Pavan Sukhdev: Naturens Tjänster Allt Hetare Tillgån

Photo courtesy: the loushe via Flickr

Varje dag använder vi värden från naturen helt gratis utan att tänka på det. För att kunna skapa välfärd är näringslivet och samhället i stort beroende av biologisk mångfald och fungerande ekosystemtjänster. Ekosystemtjänster är de nödvändiga tjänster som naturen förser oss med så att vi har tillgång till exempelvis mat, rent vatten och energi.