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High milk yields in a harsh climate: Is it all about the genes?

Droughts, heat, erratic rainfall and floods can leave cows, sheep and goats with little to graze on. Changing climate will affect production of feed for livestock too. Harsh and extreme weather conditions can also reduce reproductive ability and undermine health of animals.

What is holding back Kenya’s agricultural development? Our Expert Group is on the way to find out

In the next decade agricultural development in Africa will occur against a backdrop of dynamic changes in global, regional and national economies, driven by rapid globalization, increasing demand for strategic resources, instabilities affecting agro-food and energy systems and, not the least, by the growing population.

International Summit of Cooperatives

Photo courtesy via Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

The Summit includes unveiling groundbreaking, world-class studies—mainly on the 5 summit themes—that will shed new light on the innovative capacity of the cooperative and mutualist business model.&nbs

The Youth Bulge in a Graying World – a Demographic Challenge?

Photo courtesy: UNAMID via Flickr

Today, half of the world’s population is under 25 years of age, while11% of the world’s population is aged 60 and over. The share of young and elderly will rise significantly by 2030, when the world’s population is estimated to reach 8 billion. There are concerns about the capacities of societies to address the challenges of this demographic shift.

Business and Agroforestry: the Role of Public-Private Partnerships

A great deal of the World Congress on Agroforestry, held last week in New Delhi, focused on business: How to link smallholders to markets? How to make agroforestry profitable? How to engage major corporations? How to guarantee social and environmental sustainability while making money?